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random tidbits ; tons of fandoms ; various ratings

Posted on 2013.11.03 at 22:37
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stuff I wrote for random prompts people gave me on twitter/facebook/whatever

± untitled ; shinee: onew-centric
Everything comes to an end at some point (a horse racing au) ; Written for Attie cause I love her and she asked nicely (aka "I need a horse racing au") ; not beta'd

jinki brushes black beauty slowly, mumbling sweet nothings to it. the horse had been with him since he started racing and has yet to disappoint him.

yes, they might not have won at the beginning, but as soon as they both caught up they found a strategy that works best for them.

he gets so engrossed with the brushing he almost screams in surprise when he hears a chuckle from behind him- and he turns around quickly with a glare which disappear the moment he see who it is, only to be replaced with a sad frown.

the man before him is no other than his manager, lee soo man. "what are you doing here?" jinki asks, placing his hand on the horses long neck to relax them both.

"it's time." sooman shrugs and the racer's hand curls into a fist in a false attempt to hold it.

"you said i'd have till tomorrow." he says weakly, voice cracking.

the older comes closer and takes a hold of the horse's reins. "i thought so too." he replies and pulls, the horse following without making any noise, and they both leave jinki alone in the stable.

± untitled ; blockbap: gen
They come looking for supplies, not people ; Written for Daryah cause she is gr8 and gave me a gif set ; not beta'd, kind of takes place later in my block b zombie apocalypse au (check the tags)

youngguk swallows, his throat dry. this was not supposed to happen. jiho, himchan and him were supposed to come in the city, take some supplies and return to the others- they were not supposed to find a guy in hiding, especially not jiho's long-lost brother.

"we are not leaving him here!" jiho yells at youngguk, not caring that the noise is drawing the zombies to them.

"you cant be serious, he is infected!" youngguk yells back.

"shut it you two!" himchan hisses, gun pointed at the blocked doors in front of them.

youngguk sends a glare towards himchan, and then proceeds to glare at The Brother. "he won't make it out of here, he'll just slow us down."

"then i'm staying with him." jiho says, and walks towards the older. "i'm not leaving you"

± untitled ; tsn: mark/eduardo
The couple finally go on their honeymoon ; Written for Julie because I love her the best and own her so much (also she wrote me a linsons fic) ; not beta'd

"will you close the goddamn computer already?" eduardo grumbles under his breath. "we're on a plane to our honeymoon, and you promissed you will finish everything if we delayed it by a month" he pouts.

which goes unnoticed, because mark doesnt even lift his eyes from the screen. "we're not on our honeymoon yet." he deadpans. "and dont call my baby 'goddamn computer', it's a mac notebook!" he glares at eduardo for a second before going back to writing code.

eduardo just sighs and puts on his headphones, knowing it's a lost battle.

he doesnt mean to fall asleep but he wakes up sometime later, when he feels mark drooling on his shoulder. he scowles and about to jerk away the other when he notices the screen of mark's precious mac. on the screen he doesnt see the many lines of code but instead pictures of their wedding which mark seems to be editing into a collage.

eduardo smiles at the picture of their first kiss as wedded couple before shaking mark awake. "hey, babe," he says when mark.focuses on him. "how about we join the mile-high club?"

± untitled ; yge/blockb: jaehyo/hi (if you squint)
Kidnapping Jaehyo is probably a huge mistake ; Written for Mel, probably the greatest prompt ever ; not beta'd

"uhh" jaehyo groans, blinking his eyes open only to close them at the strong light which doesnt help his headache at all.

"i see you're awake." a voice he doesn't recognize says and he tries squinting but alas, the light is too fierce.

"where am i?" he says, swallowing to dehydrate his throat. "who are you?"

he hears a laugh before the light is dimmed. "im lee hi," the voice says and jaehyo tries to focus on the shiluette infront of him, "and you owe me money."

jeahyo frowns. the only one he owes money to is jiho, and it's only couple hundreds of won- "oh, pretty!" he says when his eyes finally focus on the woman before him.

"what?" she says sharply, but takes a step back in surprise.

"you're really pretty." jaehyo says and than coughs so his voice won't break. "can i do something else to return the money?" he asks, not minding anymore the fact he doesnt even owe money to anyone. "like, sexual favors, maybe..." he elaborates.

"w-what are you saying!" she yells at him just before someone clears his throat loudly from behind him.

"hi, i don't think you're ready yet..." he hears, but can't look back.

"bu-but yg-shi! you promissed me!" she pouts, and jaehyo gawks. both pretty and cute!

"come on, hi. i'm calling cl to take over." he tells her and jaehyo hears a door closing from behind him.

"don't let her intimidate you, okay? you didn't really do anything." she shrugs and walks away as well.

jaehyo sits there, bound to the chair, and wonders what he got himself into.

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