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(wip) kiserella ; kuroko no basket: kise-centric, aomine/kise ; g

Posted on 2014.02.15 at 18:36
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± (wip!) kiserella ; kuroko no basket: kise-centric, aomine/kise
kise is cinderella ; Written for Shani because I owe her a fic since forever ; not beta'd, written in a facebook chat in one breath. also, ends abruptly because wip ; idk how many words

kise took a deep breath as he got out of the carriage. he looked down at himself and then back up at the castle in front of him. even after his fairy godmother— fairy godfather?— took care of his clothes and appearance he was still wary.

he knew he looked good, he always looked good, but what if it wasn't enough?

but still, he took a deep breath and started walking. his fairy godfather did his best, the least he can do is to actually get to the ball.

he released the breath he wasn't aware he was holding when he reached the top of the stairs, looking inside the ballroom.

it was lit up and full of colors, everyone dressed in their best gowns and suits— not that he was surprised, it wasn't everyday that the prince held a ball for him to find his soulmate— and he didn't even notice as his legs took him inside.

he walked slowly and looked around, hoping his step-family wouldn't notice him (but how could them, with so many people around? not that he thought about it).

he was too busy looking around that he didn't even notice there was someone in front of him until he bumped into them.

"i'm so, so sorry!" he said, bowing deeply, before looking up at the person he bumped in to- a girl with a long, long and pink hair.

before she could say anything the short guy next to her let out a weak laugh, and the angry look on her face was replaced quickly with one of delight. "don't worry about it," she said as she smoothed out her dress.

kise just nodded before continuing on his way, coming to a stop next to a wall. he looked at the dancing crowd, trying to memorize their moves for later. he didn't have much knowledge in ballroom dancing, but it didn't look too hard to mimic.

"you look like you should be dancing, not standing still." he heard from behind him and turned around quickly, coming face to face with a guy with a blue-hued hair and blue eyes, and a white crisp suit.

"do i, now?" he asked in return, making the other man smirk and grab his hand, pulling him into the dancing mob.

the blue-haired man put his hands on kise's waist, making the blond realize he was to be the feminine partner (this time, at least). "you know the steps?" he asked, still smirking.

"of course," kise answered, and they wasted no time in starting.

they danced in complete silence at first, the blue haired man spinning and throwing back kise, and kise showing off his own (recently acquired) dance skills.

"you're good." he said, just a little shy of panting.

"thanks," it was kise's turn to smirk, "you are, too."

he laughed in return, a heartfelt laugh, before stopping in his tracks. "let's go out to the balcony, shall we?" he said and dragged kise behind him, not waiting for a response.

"i heard you bumped into satsuki." he said once they were outside.

"who?" kise asked, dumbfounded.

"pink hair, following the shortest guy in the ball?" he smiled.

"oh, yeah. i didn't mean to." he frowned.

"she was the one who pointed you out to me, so i guess it's alright." he shrugged.

kise smiled. "maybe it was"

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