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old gtop

yo yo annyeonghaseyo

Posted on 2020.01.01 at 18:52

this is an introduction postCollapse )

and a masterlist!Collapse )


1sen challenge ; big bang: gd/seungri ; g to r

Posted on 2015.09.20 at 22:30
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± 1sen challenge ; big bang: gd/seungri
Ten one sentence drabbles about Jiyoug and Seunghyun in ten different genres; I wrote it so long ago I can't remember the year even. Found it recently on my phone, figured I should upload it somewhere. ; not beta'd (but it's one sentnce each time how bad can it be)

1. AngstCollapse )

2. AUCollapse )

3. Crack / HumorCollapse )

4. FutureCollapse )

5. First TimeCollapse )

6. FluffCollapse )

7. DarkCollapse )

8. Hurt/comfortCollapse )

9. SmutCollapse )

10. Unresolved Sexual TensionCollapse )


the roommates life (parts 3+4) ; noragami: gen (yep, still) ; pg

Posted on 2014.10.10 at 23:39
Current Mood: sleepy
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± the roommates life ; noragami: gen
Short stories about Yato, Hiyori and Yukine as college students and roommates NOW WITH MORE CHARACTERS AND LONGERS PARTS ; Just got around to catching up with the manga. So amaze, much great ; not beta'd

part three: drunk Kofuku is happy KofukuCollapse )


part four: Yato in a suit is never a good signCollapse )

old gtop

mental breaker; block b: gen ; pg

Posted on 2014.10.07 at 23:20
Current Mood: sick
± mental breaker; block b: gen
The guys go on a short (or long, depends on whom you ask) road trip. ; Originally written for bictory at blockisbang's summer exchange and beta'd by my lovely threepiecesuits. check out this community! it has many awesome exchanges and challenges throughout the year and you don't want to be missing out. also, written after a long (too long) of no writing at all and in a middle of a fucking war (i am an active soldier) so it might not be the best ; 1300+w

Kyung grumbles under his breath while Jaehyo’s snickering becomes loud laughter, and Yukwon just taps his shoulder before he moves him one door down so he could get in.Collapse )

± the roommates life ; noragami: gen
Short stories about Yato, Hiyori and Yukine as college students and roommates ; I just a d o r e the anime (soon to adote the manga, too. chap three whee) ; not beta'd

part one: Yukine's late, so lateCollapse )


part two: Yato is as caring as he is lazyCollapse )

± (wip!) kiserella ; kuroko no basket: kise-centric, aomine/kise
kise is cinderella ; Written for Shani because I owe her a fic since forever ; not beta'd, written in a facebook chat in one breath. also, ends abruptly because wip ; idk how many words

he knew he looked good, he always looked good, but what if it wasn't enough?Collapse )

stuff I wrote for random prompts people gave me on twitter/facebook/whatever

± untitled ; shinee: onew-centric
Everything comes to an end at some point (a horse racing au) ; Written for Attie cause I love her and she asked nicely (aka "I need a horse racing au") ; not beta'd

yes, they might not have won at the beginning, but as soon as they both caught up they found a strategy that works best for them.Collapse )

± untitled ; blockbap: gen
They come looking for supplies, not people ; Written for Daryah cause she is gr8 and gave me a gif set ; not beta'd, kind of takes place later in my block b zombie apocalypse au (check the tags)

youngguk swallows, his throat dry. this was not supposed to happen.Collapse )

± untitled ; tsn: mark/eduardo
The couple finally go on their honeymoon ; Written for Julie because I love her the best and own her so much (also she wrote me a linsons fic) ; not beta'd

will you close the goddamn computer already?Collapse )

± untitled ; yge/blockb: jaehyo/hi (if you squint)
Kidnapping Jaehyo is probably a huge mistake ; Written for Mel, probably the greatest prompt ever ; not beta'd

jeahyo frowns. the only one he owes money to is jiho, and it's only couple hundreds of won-Collapse )

± the world better prepare ; block b/phantom: zico-centric, gen
Jiho will never forget how the zombie apocalypse started (for him) ; Written for blockisbang halloween chalenge ; not beta'd, mostly written in the middle of the night (yay for army) and posted in the middle of the night, too. also, this ends somewhat abruptly since i decided midway that it'll be part one out of many ; ~3000w

He wakes up just in time to see his mother's frowning face before she whacks his legs with a kitchen towel,Collapse )


charity ; block b: b-bomb/u-kwon ; pg13

Posted on 2012.10.26 at 21:26
Current Mood: bouncy
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± charity ; block b: b-bomb/u-kwon
Yukwon volunteers at the school's charity fair kissing booth. ; Originally written for spidey_girl09 at hephapsanta ; 1234w

you might see some ugly people out there, but remember, everything is for charity.Collapse )


of chess, charms and rubik's cubes ; exo: sehun/han ; g

Posted on 2012.04.28 at 01:13
Current Mood: drained
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± of chess, charms and rubik's cubes ; exo: sehun/han
HP!AU (of some kind) in which Jongin is a better wizard than a matchmaker ; I was watching the first HP movie. I regret nothing. full a/n at the end ; ~840w

Come on, Sehun. Say it after me, accio-Lu-Han,Collapse )

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