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the roommates life (parts 1+2) ; noragami: gen (for now?) ; pg

Posted on 2014.03.21 at 00:11
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± the roommates life ; noragami: gen
Short stories about Yato, Hiyori and Yukine as college students and roommates ; I just a d o r e the anime (soon to adote the manga, too. chap three whee) ; not beta'd

"Who turned off my alarm clock?!" Yukine asked (yelled), jumping on one leg as he tried to pull on his pants and put on a clean shirt at the same time.

Both of his roommates poked their heads out of their rooms, glaring at each other.

"Hiyori did." Yato said before retreating to his room, closing the door with a loud locking sound.

Hiyori tightened her hold on the door handle. "I did not, you sweaty monster!" She yelled in return, waving around her free hand, before looking at the youngest. "It wasn't me." She mumbled.

Yukine shook his head, trying not to look at Hiyori in her pajamas (they were roommates for a few months already and he still couldn't stop). "I'm gonna be late, so late." He said over and over again as he made his way to the bathroom.

Hiyori just sighed and walked to Yato's door, knocking repeatedly until the other man opened it.

"What do you want?" He growled, but it lost it's effect with his hair sticking everywhere.

She stared at him for a moment. "He's going to be late because of you, drive him there." She said with a dark look on her face that left him no place to argue before she went back to her room.

Yato grumbled to himself before yelling, "Yuki, get your ass ready, we're going in five!"


Hiyori just finished making two cups of hot cocoa, placing one of them on the coffee table next to her computer and the other one on a tray with a couple of cookies, taking it to Yukine's room. She knocked a few times to let him know she was there before saying, "Yukine-kun, I made you some hot cocoa, I'm leaving it just outside the door!"

She was, however, very surprised to have Yato popping out of the room just as she finished talking. "How come you never make any for me?" He asked, picking up the tray.

She jumped back in confusion, looking at Yato's room just across hers. "This isn't your room." She deadpanned.

Yato nodded, mumbling around a cookie, "Yuki's light bulb burnt out, I told him we can switch rooms until we'll get around to buying a new one. He's in the shower right now."

She smiled fondly, ever since Yato found out (and then told Hiyori) that Yukine was afraid of the dark they were trying their best to make the apartment as illuminated as possible with their low budget. But the smile was soon switched by a frown. "Why didn't you just switch the light bulbs?"

He shrugged, mumbling "too much work" before closing the door behind him.

She sighed, hearing a faint "thanks for the food!" as she walked away.

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