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1sen challenge ; big bang: gd/seungri ; g to r

Posted on 2015.09.20 at 22:30
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± 1sen challenge ; big bang: gd/seungri
Ten one sentence drabbles about Jiyoug and Seunghyun in ten different genres; I wrote it so long ago I can't remember the year even. Found it recently on my phone, figured I should upload it somewhere. ; not beta'd (but it's one sentnce each time how bad can it be)

1. Angst
Jiyong blinks away the raindrops that mix with his tears, suppressing a sob as he places a poor excuse for roses bouquet on the gravestone, careful so it won't hide the words "Lee Seunghyun".

2. AU
Seunghyun stares at the body next to him, trying to remember what happened- but all he could remember was the ship sinking and a faint feeling of lips over his with a voice desperately begging him to stay alive.

3. Crack / Humor
Seunghyun emerges from Jiyong's closet, dressed in one of his "manly skirts" and fishnet tops and starts singing "Heartbreaker" at the top of his longs, promptly ignoring Jiyong who yells "who the fuck got the maknae drunk!"

4. Future
Jiyong takes Seunghyun's hand in his, looking into his eyes, "we can do this, okay?" he says and starts towards the building, not even batting an eyelash at the big "orphanage" sign above the doors.

5. First Time
Seunghyun watches the small television, holding his breath- he's probably more excited right now than he was when they first went on stage, but all the thoughts disappear from his mind when the camera focuses on Jiyong at his first solo stage.

6. Fluff
Seunghyun finds small notes everywhere, starting from "Don't touch this" on video games through "I made this for you" on food boxes and "You always look good" on the mirrors, but his favorite is the one h sticks on Jiyong's back without the other knowing, the words "LEE SEUNGHYUN'S PROPERTY" written in bold letters and underlined.

7. Dark
Seunghyun sobs from his place on the floor with his wrists chained above his head, barely catching the sounds of the door opening and a man entering, but the sound of a whip cracking in the air catches his attention and he starts begging for mercy without even thinking.

8. Hurt/comfort
Seunghyun flips a table, a real one, before Jiyong engulfs him in a tight hug, not releasing no matter how much the other squirms, and whispers sweet-nothings in his ear until he calms down.

9. Smut
Seunghyun likes Jiyong the best when he's on his knees, all the leader-attitude gone, replaced by eagerness and lust-filled eyes as he scrambles to open Seunghyun's pants, to get his cock in his mouth.

10. Unresolved Sexual Tension
Daesung stops mid-sentence when he notices the look Jiyong and (Lee) Seunghyun share, then proceeds to cough loudly before sighing and getting out of the room when they both keep ignoring him, calling "will you two get laid already" after him.


Seaman was a great dog, look it up.
seamanthedog at 2015-12-19 19:50 (UTC) (Link)
These are all really lovely.
orchibi at 2015-12-23 19:58 (UTC) (Link)
thanks! ^^
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