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a day in a poketrainer's life ; infinite: gen ; pg

Posted on 2012.04.05 at 21:13
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± a day in a poketrainer's life ; infinite: gen
Pokemon!AU one day in poketrainers!infinite's lives ; this is inspired by my undying love to infinite and my nail art. seriously. this is a product of me showering while listening to first invasion. I kind of fell in love with this AU while writing this short... idek how to call this, and. yeah. full a/n at the end ; ~750w

Dongwoo is half sure Sungjong might use Flamethrower at them like he did when Sungyeol commented he had successfully perfected Scary Face before Flareon didCollapse )

± bang bang bang ; MBLAQ: gen, mir/everyone
secret-agents!AU, In which Byunghee shaves, Changsun and Sanghyun get addicted, Cheolyong is with everyone and Seungho isn't drunk enough ; Written for my most beloved Shir, who makes my life better in every way possible. I love you lots, sorry for taking two months. ; ~1300w

Sanghyun drops the plates in shock.Collapse )

± 니가 있어야 할곳 ; INFINITE: Sungjung-centric, Sungjong/too many to name
AU! Sungjong's life in a few segments which all involve kissing or love in one way or another ; some kind of explicit content (but not really), too many characters, written in about an hour at a too late hour at night ; ~1500w

Sungjong's first kiss is when he's eight.Collapse )

± of living colors (and human lie detectors) ; INFINITE: Sunggyu-centric, Sunggyu/Woohyun
In which Sunggyu can suddenly see auras and discovers colors has meanings ; Originally written for deasyellow at infinitesanta ; ~7600w

He vaguely wonders whether they are being kidnapped by aliens before he loses all thought and his consciousness.Collapse )


knock out ; b1a4: baro/sandeul ; pg13

Posted on 2012.01.12 at 12:27
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± knock out ; B1A4: Baro/Sandeul, minor!Baro/Wonhee
AU, Junghwan and Sunwoo are best friends, until a girl comes into the equation ; underage drinking ; Originally written for g_odalisque13 at b1a4ss, beta by Kam (scarredknees) ; ~2000w

It's four in the morning, but for Junghwan and Sunwoo it isn't Sunday until they go to sleep and wake up.Collapse )

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